Rhino Foods, Inc.

“Holly LeClair, of Green Mountain Safety, has continued to play a key role in maintaining and improving our Safety Program here at Rhino Foods.  Holly takes a very practical approach to her role here and develops effective relationships that result in steady improvements.  She works closely with our Safety Coordinator to conduct audits, track action items, and facilitate standard safety programs such as the Safety Committee and annual training.  She coordinates her documentation and reporting with our HR manager and outside agents such as loss-prevention and IHMS to assist in case tracking and management.  Most importantly though, Holly works with us as a real partner and understands the many challenges manufacturers face to consistently improve their safety practices.  She does not take an alarmist approach to safety issues.  She is an active participant in addressing and resolving safety opportunities and is readily able to access many of the resources she has worked with in the past.  She does a lot more than just tell you what needs to be done.  She’ll help you figure it out and actually do it when appropriate!” -Gene Steinfeld, Director of Operations

Shelburne Shipyard, Inc.

“Green Mountain Safety Consulting has custom-tailored a safety plan that fits our needs like a glove!  Though not unique, our business required a bit of tweaking to enable all our key employees to get proper training on all our boat-hauling equipment.  Our repair departments also gleaned specific training designed to meet their job demands.  Mary Beth is knowledgeable,  an excellent trainer and makes every safety presentation interesting and relevant!” -Karen Claxton, Business Manager

Simon Pearce

“Holly LeClair has worked with Simon Pearce for more than a decade and continues to be our Safety Consultant.  Holly and her team have extensive knowledge of both safety regulations and how to apply them to everyday operations.  Holly has most recently brought new life and energy to our Department Safety Meetings.  She is on site once a month to help us strive for a proactive safety culture and to maintain compliance.  Her services do not disappoint!  It’s always a pleasure to work with Holly.” -Cathy Sullivan, Benefits Specialist

City of Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront

“Green Mountain Safety has provided our department importance safety training to over 300 fulltime and seasonal employees annually. The importance of having our staff well-trained in emergency procedures is paramount as we serve the public in parks, marinas, campground and programs for every population segment. Mary Beth Morrisseau has been critical in articulating and training our staff and we have been very pleased with the quality outcome. I highly recommend Mary Beth Morrisseau and Holly LeClair for all your safety training needs.” -Maggie Leugers, Recreation Superintendent

Vermont State Housing Authority

“Mary Beth Morrisseau of Green Mountain Safety, has worked with VSHA since 2008 helping us keep our safety program current and advising employees on a whole host of safety issues and regulations.  An important feature of our work with Mary Beth is her on-site individual workspace assessments.  She works directly with individuals to assist them in proper work habits to eliminate or minimize potential ergonomic issues.  She brings resources to the table and offers cost-effective and achievable solutions.  VSHA also taps into Mary Beth’s expertise to provide our annual OSHA refresher training for property management and maintenance staff.  I definitely recommend Mary Beth and her team to help you develop and maintain your safety program!” -Arlene Shorten-Goodrich, Director of Human Resources and Administration