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We specialize in specific training courses across many different industries. Our consultants are professionally trained and kept up-to-date on compliance changes and material for the best means of instruction. We work diligently with our clients to provide the most informational and high-quality safety assessments and training so that any organization can benefit from our services.

On-Site Safety Assessments

As a resource to your company, we review your current written safety programs. We will provide recommendations to you for concentrating on mandated programs and employee exposures within the company.

We assist companies in developing cost-effective solutions from safety recommendations generated through our Safety & Health Assessment consulting. This comprehensive program reviews Management Leadership, Employee Involvement, Hazard Controls, and Safety Training/Programs. We also provide an Action Plan to implement the solutions.

We provide ergonomic evaluations of workstations, both in the office environment and in the production area. We assess the workstation, and offer cost-effective solutions to management. The goal is to reduce the employee exposures within the workplace.

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Customized Safety Training

We develop customized safety training to meet your needs. We can schedule a series of on-site visits, virtual classes, and other modified and company-specific courses. Whether it's a general health and safety plan, or coaching tips for managers and supervisors, our job is to help your business adopt a safety culture that's right for you.

Some of other topics of training we can offer include: Aerial Lift Safety, Accident Investigation, Asbestos Awareness, Blood Borne Pathogens, Competent Person, Confined Spaces, Construction Issues, Emergency Planning, Ergonomics, Excavation Safety, Fall Protection/Scaffolding, Hazard Communication, 10-Hour Construction Course, Injury Cost Awareness, Machine Guarding, MSHA Refresher, Lockout/Tag out, Ergonomic Safe Lifting, Powered Industrial Trucks, and Workplace Violence.



Supervisory Series

Supervisors have the unique responsibility to ensure that the welfare of their employees has been adequately considered prior to assigning them work. We offer a Supervisory Series to focus on accountability for safety in the workplace as it pertains to the supervisor’s overall safety responsibilities. Each component of the training can be a series offered at once or in segments depending on preference.

Supervisory Accountability

This section reviews a supervisor’s role with safety in your company. This includes: samples of responsibility statements for the safety manual, how to hold supervisors accountable for safety, and making safety a motivator for accountability. The purpose of the training is to require supervisors to recognize safety habits, give supervisors the tools for recognition, understand management’s commitment to safety, and establish and implement safety performance indicators

Hazard Assessment in the Workplace

This portion will cover which categories to review in your workplace for hazards, the specific hazards that apply to your company, checklists to utilize in your workplace, how to assess safety issues, implementing a plan to eliminate the hazards found, and how to train supervisors on hazard assessment.

Accident Investigation

This part introduces accident investigation procedures and describes accident analysis techniques. Supervisors who are responsible for conducting accident or near-miss investigations learn to do an effective accident investigation at their work site. Mock inspections are reviewed using supplied accident investigation or internal forms.

Engaging Supervisors

This section will provide you with an opportunity as a supervisor to enhance your performance in the areas of: leading, directing, coaching, motivating, and mentoring. A healthy combination of these solid skills are integral to superior leadership qualities as a supervisor, and can assist in reducing injury rates. An added, but not overlooked benefit is the potential to experience increased productivity; two areas that can ultimately yield better financial results for your organization.



We provide various ergonomic services. Ergonomic workstation assessments allow you to understand the proper positioning of your body in relation to your workstation. This assessment aids in working more comfortably and preventing muscular-skeletal injuries.  Job-site ergonomics evaluate not only body mechanics in relation to the job - such as lifting, carrying, and pulling - but also tooling and processes to aid in the reduction and prevention of ergonomic injuries.

Defensive Driving Courses

We offer a range of Defensive Driving courses designed to counter bad driving habits. This course covers: Alcohol, other Drugs & Driving, Safe Backing & Parking, Vehicle Positioning, Cushion of Safety, Right-turn Procedures, Scanning, Blind spots, Safety Devices, Handling Blind Spots, Weather Conditions, Vehicle Inspection, Tailgating, and Driving in Commercial/Retail Areas. A special emphasis on the program is now targeted toward the distracted driver and driver safety.

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